What we do


The Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) is being set up by the Department for International Trade (DIT) – the Government Department that helps UK businesses to export, drives investment in national industry and champions free trade.

The TRA will have a unique role. Think of us as a safety net for UK industry. We investigate complaints of unfair trading, and establish if they’re causing harm to UK manufacturers. Unfair trade can refer to ‘dumped’ imports (sold overseas at less than the domestic price) or imports that have benefited from subsidies in their home country. In these cases, we recommend appropriate trade remedies – usually in the form of import duties. We can also recommend remedies to protect against unforeseen surges in imports.

Trade remedies aren’t new, of course. Created by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), they are the foundation of international trade. In recent years, trade remedy measures have protected UK businesses and hundreds of employees in industries as diverse as ceramics, biofuels and salmon. In some cases, imports were cut by as much as 90%.

Trade remedies ensure international trade is fair, competitive, and works for everyone – it’s work you can be proud of.