How to apply



Work of such vital importance for UK industry presents considerable, diverse challenges – demanding a diverse mix of professionals. Whatever your background, you should be optimistic and open-minded, reflecting our outlook. You’ll be collaborative, business-savvy, agile, and determined to deliver. You’ll bring integrity, hand-in-hand with a deeply ingrained sense of fairness. Scrutinising complex information, you’ll also be a fast learner, ready to become a go-to expert.


We take care to consider every application properly, and to give every candidate the fair, thorough consideration they deserve.

1. The form

Find the role you’re interested in on our ‘Vacancies’ page. Click ‘Apply’. Complete the online application form. This features a few simple, multiple-choice questions that are designed to assess if you’re suitable for the role. Upload your CV.

2. Online assessment

If successful, you will be asked to take an online test (which varies according to the role you’re applying for). This will be a general or numerical reasoning test, lasting around 20 minutes. You’ll receive an email with all the details, and a link to some practice questions: these are well worth working through to ensure you’re ready to perform on the test – when it counts.

3. The assessment centre

If successful, you’ll be invited to an assessment event. This lasts around four hours and includes exercises and an interview. In the exercises, you’ll be given a brief to digest and will be asked to analyse some information. You’ll then be asked to present your recommendations and answer questions posed by an assessor. In the interview, you’ll be asked about your strengths and tasked with responding to hypothetical work scenarios. The idea is to identify the experience, behaviours and skills that are transferable to the role in question. So before you arrive, remember to review the role, and think about work situations where you’ve demonstrated the abilities required. You’ll find it helpful to note and explain what took place: what was the challenge? What were you required to do? What actions did you take? And what was the outcome?

If offered a role, you’ll also be required to pass a standard vetting process: the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS). Once in post, employees may also require additional clearance.


In the first instance

If you feel your application has not been treated in accordance with the Civil Service Commission’s recruitment principles, please contact our partner TMP Worldwide (UK) Ltd. Email:

If unsatisfied with the response

Please contact the Department for International Trade.

If you’re still unsatisfied

Please contact the Civil Service Commission, which regulates all Civil Service recruitment.
For more information, please visit the Commission website.